One spot to keep track of everything school-related

One spot to keep track of everything school-related

Three ways to stay involved with your local school.

As a student, parent, alumni, or loyal fan, you care about what’s going on with your local school, whether it’s what time the football game is; when the new fan gear comes out each season; or where to submit forms, payments, and donations. However, with so much information floating around online, it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for. Because of this, it’s important to know where you can find everything you need.

Always know what’s going on no matter where you are.

With a number of events happening at any given time in your local school, it’s important that you know where the school’s calendars are located. With your school’s Eventlink account, you have access to every event your school creates from the convenience of the Eventlink app. Simply download it from the App Store or Google Play to get all the details in the palm of your hand. From there, you can subscribe to the calendars you’re interested in and ignore the one’s you’re not.

Eventlink also offers event-summary emails, so you get the information you need delivered directly to you – that way you never lose track of what’s going on. Additionally, if weather forces your school to cancel an event, Eventlink will notify you, so you’ll never show up at the wrong time in the wrong place. With the Eventlink app, you’ll always have all the information you need.

Show your fan spirit.

When you’re a student, parent, alumni, or fan of the school, you want to show off your school spirit. Often, half-time or intermission can be the perfect time for purchasing fan gear, but navigating the crowds can be a pain. Thankfully, with your school’s Eventlink subscription, you also have access to a fan apparel shop from the convenience of where you’re sitting in the stands.

With the Eventlink Stores feature, you can use the same app you already have on your device to keep track of event schedules to shop for spirit wear as well! The best part? Your fan gear purchase also supports your school by earning it 5% cash back on each order.

Volunteer your time.

Your favorite events don’t run smoothly without workers to make sure everything is taken care of. With Eventlink, it’s easy to get involved with your school’s events by signing up to work open positions. Simply request to work for any school you are subscribed to and accept any of the open jobs listed for your school.

Not only are you able to support your school – you can even get paid doing it! Once you have signed up for a job assignment, set up Eventlink Pay. All you have to do is add and verify your bank account to receive direct payment once the event is over.

Submit all your sign-up forms and payments in one spot.

Whether you’re a parent signing a permission slip for your student to go on a field trip, a student signing up for a club, or an alumna donating to a fundraiser, you’re well-accustomed to filling out forms for your school. However, with Eventlink Registrations, the process is much easier.

By accessing the Eventlink Registrations feature, you can fill out forms and make payments digitally to avoid the hassle of returning paper copies and envelopes of cash to the school. The best part? You can access every form you need, whether it goes to the athletic department, the main office, or the theater department – all in one spot.

With Eventlink Tickets, you can also purchase and keep track of your tickets for every event from your Eventlink account. For only a small transaction fee, you can add convenience to every ticket purchase. You also never have to worry about losing out if your event gets canceled – your school can easily issue a refund of the cost of any ticket in the event of a cancellation. Stop trying to keep track of paper forms, schedules, and tickets, and keep track of all the information you need digitally in one spot.

By using these features that are available in your school’s Eventlink subscription, you will be able to manage all the happenings at your school without ever missing a beat.


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