From early morning practices to late-night, post-competition bus rides back to school, your athletes and coaches fill the building and head in all directions, too. While athletic directors can’t be everywhere, your responsibilities cover courts, fields, tracks—and all the details for your school’s sports.
No wonder burnout ranks high on the list of occupational hazards for ADs.
Burnout is more than stress, more than fatigue. Think collapse—mental and physical exhaustion that can’t be cured with a weekend off or even a vacation. It takes a complete rebuild, and only when that’s achieved, a renewed commitment. It will take strength you hope you have.
Your best approach, then, is to stave it off, to know the warning signs and heed them so you can make a
full-fledged attack. Be informed and arm yourself with the tools you’ll need to remain strong and fight back.
For this endurance run, pack an old-fashioned scale, high-performance fuel and a well-marked course.

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