community quick tip

Don’t see any events on your calendar when you log in? Click on “My Calendars” then click “Manage My Calendars” then select all the calendars from the teams and clubs you want to see information for. Click Save.
How do I add more than one school to follow in Eventlink? Scroll over your name at the top right and then click on Manage Schools. Enter school name or zip and then click the plus sign to add. Make sure to click Save.
Staff Members, have questions about Eventlink? Check the user guide located by hovering over your name and clicking Eventlink User Guide

officials quick tip

Please check your Sport Blocks, make sure to ONLY check the sports and Levels you DO NOT want to receive invites for.
How long does it take for a payment from a school post to my account? Login to your account under Bank Account you should see all Payments, once the payment is processed you should see it in your account in 1-3 business days.
Do you need to update Max Travel Distance or profile details? Scroll over your name to the top right and then click Manage Profile. Under Max Travel Distance click the arrow up or down to set miles.
Would you like your account to automatically sign in as an official? Sign into Eventlink, hover over your name in the top right corner, and click “Manage Profile”. Look for “default Application” and change it to “Officials”. Now, every time you log in, Eventlink will automatically sign you in as an official.