One spot for scheduling – both on the field and in the classroom.

One spot for scheduling – both on the field and in the classroom.


Athletic Package

Eventlink Athletics provides athletic departments with the most precious item of all: time! Save time printing and signing every contract you send, logging into multiple platforms, calling and calling, and calling when a game is canceled. Eventlink streamlines your daily processes into one software, getting you out of the office and into the other aspects of your busy job!
These modules are included in the standard Athletic Package:
Notifications and Reminders

With Eventlink’s automatic email reminders, your workers, officials, and opposing school Athletic Directors will always be informed that the game is on. And if the game is canceled, Eventlink’s Text and Email notifications will allow your community members, coaches, and even your Twitter to know instantly. No more calling trees or group chats. A few clicks and everyone is in the know!

Worker Signup

Allow your event workers to sign themselves up. Eventlink’s Worker Signup feature will give your workers the ability to see when they are scheduled, when they are available, and receive reminders as the event is approaching. If you have the same announcer at every game, sign them up using our Assign Season button.

Corresponding Dates

When creating future schedules, Eventlink will automatically add your game dates on the corresponding date in the next season.

Advanced Event Scheduler

Manage and send event contracts, both this season and future years, from the same screen that you can schedule your workers, officials, facilities, opponents, and much more.

Manage Event Contracts Your Way

Print your event contracts if you are old school, email contracts if you’re fancy, or send and receive all contracts through Eventlink’s E-Contract feature if you believe the future is now!

Multiple Calendar Filters

From the Eventlink Calendar, filter to just see Home or Away Events, only Practice Calendars, or the Facilities calendar. Check and uncheck the calendars you want to see, and print them in daily, weekly, or monthly layouts.

Online Ticketing

Sell tickets to your events with Eventlink Tickets. Your games are already in, just choose how many tickets to sell, who you would like to buy them, and watch the attendance numbers jump!

Pay Workers and Officials

Streamline your payment processes with Eventlink Pay. Direct Deposit payments mean zero lost or reissued checks, and we will handle the 1099 process for you!

Sell School Apparel

Eventlink Stores will allow your school to sell spirit wear and get 5% cashback on any purchase made in Eventlink!

Same Screen Officials and Game Scheduling

Create an event, add an opponent, and add the officials from the same screen. No flipping back and forth between pages, the One Spot Schedules has One Screen for all of your Event’s details.


Full School Package

Full School Eventlink allows the Eventlink to be your school’s One Spot for all scheduling. No more printed rehearsal calendars, three different messaging apps for every club and team your kids are in, and another website for game schedules. Eventlink is streamlining your processes school-wide, your community will thank you for it!
These modules are included in the premium Full School Package:
The Full School Package includes all of the functionality of the Athletic Package, plus the following:
Team Specific Messaging

Send messages to specific calendars, teams, or your whole school district. Allow your coaches and club sponsors to send text and email messages to parents and players from the same app they can find their practice and game schedules.

Facility Requests

The conference room, gym, and auditorium are in use all day. Eliminate constant inquiries about their availability and allow your coaches and staff members to view and request facilities in Eventlink.

Unlimited Calendar Admins

Every teacher, coach, club sponsor, or staff member at your school can have an Eventlink Staff account. Your school’s Eventlink manager can easily distribute, change, or remove permissions for whomever they choose.

Tickets for Any School Event

With Full School Eventlink, you can utilize Eventlink Tickets for non-athletic events. Prom, recitals, and school plays, any other event that requires a ticket to be purchased, Eventlink Tickets can be used to make the ticket purchasing process simple.

Athlete Registration and Roster Management

Allow athletes to fill out forms online with Eventlink Registrations and check their eligibility status as the forms get filled. Give your trainer access to add medical notes, and your coaches can update the roster as they see fit.

Hall Pass

Check to see who was in the hall at any time during the school day. See a history of occurrences and allow for student accountability in trips out of the classroom.

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