Frequently asked questions

How do I log in?

Click the green button in the top right corner of this page. If you have a Pinwheel® account, you can use your Pinwheel® username and password!

How do I sign up?

Click the “Create Account” button in the top right corner of this page.

Do I need a special log in if I'm an administrator or a sports official?

Nope – your account already lets you access everything you need.

How do I set up my bank account for direct deposit?

Log into your Eventlink Officials account. In the menu bar, click on the Bank Account tile. Follow the directions on the page and click Save – you’ll be directed to continue and link a bank account with Dwolla, our payment partner.

What browsers are recommended for Eventlink™?

We recommend any modern version of Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

What web address should I white-list for Eventlink™ to work best?

You should white-list

What email address should I white-list to make sure I get all my emails from Eventlink™?

You should white-list

What if I have no internet at home? How can I get my Eventlink™ events?

If you are unable to connect to the internet on a regular basis (no internet at home, for example) we recommend that you take advantage of the WebCal syncing feature available in Eventlink™ and sync your calendars with your phone’s native calendar app.

What if I am having trouble activating my cell phone as a contact point?

Most times the problem is that your phone is in private browsing mode. Turn off private browsing mode in your phone’s settings, then click the link in activation text message again, and enter your username and password. If you have already entered your username and password, click enter again.

I am trying to create an account, but the Create Account button won’t activate.

Try refreshing the page, or using a different internet browser. If you are still having problems, contact our customer service team by phone at 800.705.7526 or by email at

I forgot my password.

Click the Login button and then the Forgot Password link.

I can’t activate my email address as a contact point.

When you create your Eventlink™ account, for security purposes, you will be sent 2 emails. The first email welcomes you to Eventlink™. The second email is to confirm your email address. Click the link in the email and enter your username and password to complete the process.


If your computer’s default browser isn’t a modern web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox or at least Internet Explorer 10, you may have trouble activating your email address. We recommend copying the link from the email, then pasting the address into a modern web browser. (See the FAQ on Recommended Web Browsers.)

My school is not on the list.

Be sure that you are entering the zip code for your school’s physical address.

I am trying to create my account on my phone and am having trouble.

Creating your Eventlink™ account works best on a laptop or desktop computer using a modern web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox or at least Internet Explorer 10.

How do I set event reminders?

To set event reminders select the event or calendar you would like reminders for, click the Add Reminder tile then select the interval you would like. Be sure to click the check mark to confirm your time interval, then click the Save button to close.


Please note, you will not receive reminders if you do not have any active contact points.

I am not receiving reminders.

Please make sure you have reminders set up for your events. Also, please make sure you have active contact points.

How can I delete my account?

Currently, users are not able to delete accounts.

How do I sign up to get instant messages from my school, like closings or delays?

Once you have successfully activated at least one Contact Point, you will receive all school-wide instant messages for every school for which you have subscribed. Again, you will only receive the message if your Contact Points are activated.

I forgot my username. What do I do?

If you’ve forgotten your username, please contact us via email at

I created an account using the wrong email address.

If you have used the wrong email address, simply create a new account using the correct email address. You may want to change the username in the erroneous account, so that you are able to use your preferred username in your active Eventlink™ account.

Do you have an app?

No. We do not have a standalone app at this time. Eventlink™ is a web-based application only.

How do I subscribe to additional schools?

To add schools to your Eventlink™ account, open your menu and click the account tile; then click the subscription tab at the right (above your list of contact points). There, you can enter your school’s zip code, click Find Schools, then select your new school. Your school will be added to list of Currently Subscribed Schools.

How do I know if my contact points are activated?

Your contact points are activated if you see a green checkmark box in your Accounts Contact Point view. If you see a red alert box, your contact point is not activated. You may have to refresh your browser to see if your Contact Point is activated.

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