One spot for scheduling – both on the field and in the classroom.

One spot for scheduling – both on the field and in the classroom.

Eventlink continues to meet and exceed the needs of athletic administrators in Indiana. The products they offer, Eventlink scheduling, Evenlink pay, Eventlink tickets, etc…allows us to complete our jobs in a timely and efficient manner. The staff members at Eventlink have been more than willing to listen to the needs of ADs and try to accommodate those needs. The support staff is readily available to answer questions and listen to suggestions. I am grateful for our partnership with Eventlink and look forward to seeing what products they continue to roll out in the future.

Scott Stevens, CAA
Director of Athletics
Cascade High School

Eventlink is by far the easiest online ticketing app I have used during COVID.

West Lafayette Parent

Best decision that UC Athletics has made in a long while. So easy to use, we’ve been paying with Eventlink® Pay since August. No more voided checks when officials send replacements. No lost checks. No more messing around with W-9s. Saves office time by not having to write POs and checks.

Mike Thornburg
Athletic Director
Union City JR/SR High School

Thanks, Eventlink® people are awesome.

Roger Griffith
Indiana Assigner

When I call, Eventlink answers, but more importantly, they listen. They want to provide us with the best tool possible to help us do our jobs. Eventlink understands how this is important to us.

Ryan Walden
Athletic Director
McCutcheon High School