One spot to keep all the details organized.

One spot to keep all the details organized.

Don’t let balancing schedules steal your focus from refereeing the game.

As an official, you play an important part in every athletic event, and your efficiency and organization is essential to the event’s success. Because of this, you don’t want your efforts to keep your schedules straight to prevent you from staying focused on your love of the game.

Keep track of all your commitments.

Being an official comes with a lot of dates, times, and venues to keep track of. Because of this, your Eventlink subscription makes it easier to keep track of where you will be officiating next by making everything you need to know available in the ‘Schedule Officials’ tab. Here, you can see all the games you are responsible for with the earliest listed first by default to make managing of all your events a little easier.

However, sometimes you’re on vacation or have a busy week ahead and just aren’t available. Eventlink’s ‘Blocks’ feature takes care of this by allowing you to make yourself unavailable during set time periods or to certain schools, giving you complete control over your schedule while Eventlink keeps track of the details.

Get paid for doing what you love.

While your love of the game is what keeps you coming back, it’s nice to get paid for your passion. However, physical checks can be a hassle. With Eventlink, getting paid is effortless. All you have to do is add and verify your bank account on the same software you’re already using to keep track of your game assignments. Safe, secure, and fast, Eventlink Pay enables athletic departments to send payments directly into your bank account as soon as the game is over.

By using these features of your Eventlink subscription, you will be able to focus your attention on every game without worrying about any of the logistics.


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