One spot to manage every aspect of every game.

One spot to manage every aspect of every game.

Organize your school’s athletic department without making common mistakes.

As an athletic director, you’ve got a lot on your plate. From overseeing the goals of your school’s athletic program to balancing budgets and scheduling the logistics of every event, your work doesn’t stop at the end of a season. However, there are a few common blunders that are important to avoid as an athletic director, and your Eventlink subscription can help you keep them in check – all in one spot.

Don’t let paperwork take away all your time.

With the excessive number of forms, contracts, and checks athletic directors deal with daily, it can be easy to let them take hold of your focus. However, there’s a lot more that goes into being an athletic director than paperwork. Thankfully, many of Eventlink’s features can help you manage this more easily.

By using Eventlink’s eContract Creation & Management feature, you can easily prevent some of the paper pile-up by removing the hassle of printing out your contracts. By accessing your eContracts through the ‘Athletics’ tab, you’ll be able to electronically invite and accept contracts for games without the added trouble, having access to them all in one spot when you need them.

Additionally, with the full-school feature Eventlink Registrations, your athletic department can take additional steps to go paperless by enabling you to manage every form and fee payment digitally with ease. This feature also pairs well with Eventlink Athletes to be able to transfer information from student registrations and streamline roster management. This eliminates excess time spent sorting through physical papers or transferring the information into a digital system.

In addition to these paperless document solutions, you can also utilize the Eventlink Pay feature to simplify your paperwork with a digital payment system to pay officials and event workers, rather than letting physical checks pile up on your school treasurer’s desk.

Avoid oversights by being as detail-oriented as possible.

With so many things to coordinate, it can be easy to overlook small details. When you have those details spread across multiple platforms, slip-ups are more likely to happen — maybe you forgot to fill an event worker position, or a contract got lost in the mail. With Eventlink Scheduling, it’s much easier to feel confident that all the details of your event are covered by being able to see your workers, officials, schedules, contracts, and more from the convenience of the ‘Athletics’ tab.

Even better, Eventlink’s Advanced Event Scheduler feature automatically corresponds future dates for multi-year contracts and adds tags to the positions you need to fill for each game to simplify tracking at a glance. This allows you to feel confident that you have every aspect of the event accounted for.

With Eventlink Tickets, you can also manage your event’s attendance in the same spot as your schedule. At no cost to your school and only a small fee to ticket purchasers, you can streamline your online and mobile ticketing with the customization that fits your school’s offerings and prices. You can also manage ticket refunds as soon as you cancel the event without ever navigating to another software, so keeping track of the details is easier than ever.

Prevent communication oversights by notifying everyone at once.

Finally, as the school’s athletic director, it’s your responsibility to make sure everyone is notified when a game is cancelled or changed, including the opposing athletic director, officials, event workers, and the media. Because of this, using the wrong communication channels can prevent the word from getting out, which can cause problems.

However, with Eventlink, you can notify everyone who needs to know simply by clicking ‘Cancel Event’ followed by ‘Notify All’ in the ‘Athletics’ tab. This will send a notification to everyone who’s a part of the event while also sending a cancellation notice through your Twitter handle to make sure no one gets left out.

By using these features of your Eventlink subscription, you will be able to manage all the details you need while staying organized and keeping priorities straight. This will allow you to get back to focusing more on your favorite parts of being an athletic director.


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