One spot to decrease office clutter.

One spot to decrease office clutter.

Three ways to prevent extra work from building up in your school’s main office.

As a school administrator, you do a lot to keep your school running. With your busy schedule, clutter can quickly build up before you’re even aware of it. However, there are three simple tricks you can use to keep things more organized and prevent extra work from building up in your main office.

Keep everyone on the same page about events and updates.

One of the most important functions of a school administrator is being a communicator, whether it be to parents, students, faculty and staff, or the community. In this way, one of Eventlink’s most valuable features to any school administrator is Eventlink Messaging. With this feature, you can provide instant updates and information, sending them as emails, texts, and/or push notifications in the app to make sure everyone has access to the information they need.

By navigating to the ‘Messaging’ tab, you are able to send messages to every subscriber in your school or entire district with the click of a button without navigating among multiple platforms. Never worry about whether or not you’ve contacted everyone using all of the right communication channels – with Eventlink, you can feel confident that you’ve notified everyone all from one spot.

As events accumulate for the school, clubs, and athletics, sometimes it’s easier to send automated notifications of changes. With Eventlink Scheduling, you can do this! Manage all the details of any school event and notify subscribers of changes as you make them. The Calendar Creation & Management feature also allows subscribers to see updated events and school happenings by syncing front office, club, and athletic calendars. With the ability to assign coaches and club sponsors the responsibility of updating their own calendars, you’ll be able to streamline the calendar creation process and provide a master calendar that’s beneficial in keeping everyone up to date.

Make facility availability and student whereabouts accessible to those who need it.

However, with facilities across the entire district and hundreds of students to keep track of, it’s critical that you and other administrators and staff have access to all the information you need to manage every detail. Whether it be where a student was during the school-wide fire drill or whether Conference Room A is available for this week’s teacher meeting, Eventlink has the features to help.

With the Facility Management System feature, you can enable facility calendars to be seen by the entire staff, whether they’re on their computer or looking at the app. In this way, you can eliminate countless emails coming through the main office trying to book the same room for the same time. With Eventlink’s Facility Management System, your entire staff is able to see when a facility or conference room is available at any time, and facility conflict notifications prevent these areas from being double-booked to save everyone a headache or two.

In addition to the Facility Management System, Eventlink also offers a digital Hall Pass System in its Full School subscription. With the ability for teachers and administrators to check students in and out of class for any reason, every student will always be accounted for in case of emergency. The digital hall pass tracks and reports why the pass was issued and who it was issued by. Also, in being searchable, you can look up any missing student to check out the details, so everyone will always be on the same page.

Manage all your forms and fee payments in one place.

Finally, there’s no doubt that being a school administrator comes with its fair share of paperwork and forms. The Eventlink Registrations feature can also remove the hassle of collecting paper forms, checks, and envelopes of cash for the entire school. Simply create a custom form to gather the information you need, add your payment item, and make it visible to parents/students.

Whether it’s for a fundraiser, camp, school club, sport, field trip permission slip, or letter jacket order, the possibilities for using Eventlink Registrations are endless.

By using these features of your Eventlink subscription, you will be able to increase the efficiency of your front office by having the tools you need to keep track of all the details – all in one spot.


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